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Animal Emergency & Specialty Hospital - Byron Center

veterinarian examining a senior dog's eyes


staff member examining eyes of a cat

Our board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Katelin Quantz, provides comprehensive and compassionate eye care. Eye conditions can range from minor to severe and can lead to discomfort or affect how your pet sees. When caught soon enough, treatment can reduce pain and preserve your pet's eyesight.

At Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital of Byron Center, we can diagnose and treat virtually any eye disease or condition including cataracts, corneal injuries, dry eye, glaucoma, eyelid abnormalities, eyelash abnormalities, retinal diseases, third eyelid abnormalities (cherry eye), and more.

Dr. Quantz examining a dog's eyes

Katelin Quantz, DVM, DACVO

Dr. Quantz is a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist. She provides comprehensive eye care to canine, feline, and exotic pets using a full range of state-of-the art diagnostics, microsurgical and therapeutic techniques for the treatment of ophthalmic disease.

Available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call (616) 537-1402.

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